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There are people that tolerate me. Here are their testimonials.


Yup, you're right. This whole thing is weird. I set up a website in order to find eligible men in Los Angeles to date. In order to instill some faith in me, here are some testimonials from my friends.

"Kate, this is madness."- Martha. B. 

We've been friends since high school, and were on the same soccer team in the early 90s. 

Yes. I still have the shirt. 



"Nothing compares to this Kate Hudson, or as I like to call her, THE Kate Hudson. She has the voracity of a jungle cat, the voice of a siren and the wit and ingenuity to win a thousand tri-wizard tournaments. Kate would be in my top picks as a companion for any quest, desert island or apocalyptic scenario. I'd even recommend her as a movie critic as she has an eye for high quality cinematography, and she may have even written one of the greatest screen plays of all time (yet to be produced). Additionally, she is the finest wing woman one could have on a night out, as she will mock and belittle all those unworthy of your presence and leave only the most fascinating, quick witted and thick skinned suitors standing. The answer is this: Yes. Say 'yes' to having Kate in your life and you will never be disappointed. You will NEVER be bored."

-Anna G.

" If you don't get back to work you're fired." - My Boss

"Chaotic Neutral Ranger with multiple animal companions. Favored Enemies include dolphins and the ironic. " - Jason N. 

"You don't date Kate. Kate dates you" James D. 

This is what my friend Kate W. gave me, She's an artist and very deep, but I fear the topical reference may become very dated in very little time.  This is us when we won at trivia. Chances are our team name was Tonya Harding related.

"My sister is happiest when everyone in the room is paying attention to her, and you will be happiest if you're doing that too. If you can appreciate a flair for the dramatic then you will never be bored. She has a habit of befriending other people named Kate: misplaced sense of narcissism, or Illuminati conspiracy? Who can really say...". My little sister, Liz. 

"Have you considered not being a crazy person instead of putting up a website? Might help? : )" Aaron S. 

"First of all I have no idea why Kate even needs this website, men should be jumping at the chance to even breathe the same air as her let alone take her on a date. When you meet her she might be a bit full on but that’s coming from a Brit(ish) person and explains why I used to refer to her as my “crazy American friend”. Underneath however Kate is a funny, incredibly intelligent, creative and caring person who has held my hair while vomiting and cleaned her flat so it didn’t smell of “barn” anymore (for me!). This is just her ‘friend’ side, a man lucky enough to date her will get the full Kate effect." Sunny V. 

"I want to watch the world burn."- Firedoll


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