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About Me

My name is Kate.

I guess the number one question is, WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS?


I've tried online's not gone well. I get a lot of spam "Hey, Ur Hot" messages like every other chick on the site, and haven't met someone I really click with. So I decided to make my own site devoted entirely towards dating in the hopes that the right person finds it.


In the very least, this is an embarrassing moment in my life that will undoubtedly come back to haunt me at my next job interview. Or a great story to tell at the bar to show just how sad I've become to solicit free drinks. 


I'm 31. I have two cats and a dog, and I believe in ghosts. If you're still reading, it may be love



Yes. I have tried online dating. I would say the results have ranged from middling, to terrifying (for my dates). 

I may or may not have gotten kicked off one of the larger sites for soliciting drug mules. Some people have no sense of humor. 



The Early Years

I grew up on a mountain in Alaska. If that sounds like a weird childhood, it totally was. I'm lucky enough that some of my closest friends today were the ones I made when I was 8 years old. 


7 year old me would like to tell you if you're a member of the New Kids on the Block, you should totally get in touch. 

The Middle Years

High school sucks. It still sucks 10 years on 


 17 year old me would like to tell you if you like old school Green Day, BEFORE they sold out, you should get in touch.

The...Later Years

I'm 30. 


I've lived in Los Angeles a little under two years. Before that I lived abroad, I'm sure with some light stalking the blanks can get filled in if you really care. 


The Good


I'm gainfully employed (for now, verdict's out once they see this site)


I have my own car.


I pay my utilties.


My first inclination is always to find humor in a crap situation, instead of getting angry.


A good percentage of the men I've dated previously would have at LEAST neutral things to say about me. 


I have ALL my own teeth (STILL in my mouth, thank you!)


I've traveled enough that I enjoy it, but I'm past the point in my life where it feels like a compulsion.


Not a sucker at the mechanic, and I know how to fix a few things myself.


I can cook, pretty well according to my parole officer.

I put everyone into one of two camps: those who would survive the Titanic., and those that wouldn't.



The Bad

I have no patience, for anything. This means I refuse to stand in line for nearly anything, and that most of the time I will go up to whomever I deem in charge (for less organized events, this will just be the person whoever is dressed the nicest) and bluntly ask them what needs to be done to get me out of the situation. It works a lot of the time, but. can be a bit dicey for my companions. On the plus side, I am a CHAMP at negotiating utility bill contracts. Always ask for the ghost discount. They'll know what it means.  (See left)


I have no game. None. That's probably why I've created this website. 


I will unfortunately really judge you if you don't get obscure popculture references in one go. If you haven't seen Star Wars (just the originals) it's a deal breaker. 


I'm also a smartass, and if I think something is funny, I physically can't hold it in. 


I say I'm detail orientated on my resume, but only because no one appreciates the subtle art of the big picture...



The Ugly

I love animals. I have two cats, and a dog, and would probably have more if cost, time, attention, and the smell wasn't an issue.


I hate driving. I'm terrible at it. I will usually request a location so close to my home I can walk.


I hate to plan anything. Spontaneous to a fault.


The fictional character I get compared to most is Lucille Bluth.


In my darker moments, I think I'd be an ok totalitarian dictator.


Seriously. I judge you based on Star Wars. 


I love me some boxed wine something fierce.


30 year old me would like to tell you that if you got through the list and still are interested, you should get in touch!







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